Vincent Delbrouck – Champú


Champú, the book that accompanies the exhibition of the same name in Huis Marseille, is Vincent Delbrouck’s story about a group of teenagers in the suburbs of Havana. The images of the young people are mixed with colourful still lifes from La Vibora, the district in Havana that became Delbrouck’s home base during his various trips to Cuba: “The country is in total crisis today, but the energy of these young people could be the roots of new resilience and happiness, whatever happens in their troubled country. The book is also an intimate journey with universal connections, a space for dreams and new joy.”

Champú is printed on glossy magazine paper, resulting in a 208-page publication that not only documents a certain youthfulness, but attempts to portray a fluid beauty. A short story written by Oriss, one of the girls in the group, is part of this book.

  • Vincent Delbrouck
  • Champú
  • softcover
  • 21 x 29,7 cm
  • 208 pages with 170 illustrations
  • full color
  • Offset print on glossy 170g paper
  • Includes a slip cover, only available through Huis Marseille or the artist himself
  • Numbered and signed by the artist
  • Edition: 800

Vincent Delbrouck – Champú



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