Sailor Collar Bag


The original printing on this black bag made of organic cotton is based on Coco Capitán’s artwork Lost II (Modified Textile with Embroidery, 2020) which is part of her contribution towards the group exhibition Infinite Identities in Huis Marseille. The artwork is based on the vintage American sailor suits that Coco Capitán collects. The lead role in the artwork – and the bag – is devoted to the special sailor collar, with a square at the back and folded edges that lie in two triangles over the shoulders to meet at the front. This square, with its triple striping, and the word ‘LOST’ flanked by two stars – embroidered by Coco Capitán – is screen-printed in white onto the bag.

‘I was thinking about those sailors in history who set out in search of new lands,’ said Coco Capitán in an interview with Another. Like those sailors, this sailor bag can accompany you to new destinations, and the outstanding quality of the material will guarantee long enjoyment of its company.

  • The design of the sailor collar screenprint is the result of a collaboration between Coco Capitán, the Huis Marseille team, and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.
  • The basic bag was ethically produced in Bangladesh by Stanley/Stella SA, a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. The bag is made of recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester, observing the Global Recycled Standards.
  • The screenprint was made by Suprette Amsterdam using GOTS-certified environmentally friendly ink.
  • The labels and extra stripes were stitched on by Tatyana Stoyanova.
  • The labels were jacquard-woven with 100% polyester, at least 50% of which is recycled. The polyester thread is OEKO-TEX© Standard 100 certified, produced by Wunderlabel Germany.

Sailor Collar Bag



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